CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. See our full Risk Disclosure and Terms of Business for further details.

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Preparation is half the battle! Get technical market analysis from independent industry experts before starting your
journey. Seize the advantage you deserve. Let Trading Central’s top-notch indicators guide
your trading experience. GKFX customers enjoy the service provided by Trading Central’s
award-winning research and analysis team.

Easy Access

Start using in minutes
as MetaTrader 4
Plugin or Web App


Good for both new and experienced traders

Always Vigilant

Trading Central scans
the markets for
opportunities 24/5

Report & Alert

Extensive analysis &
regular notifications
with alert system


Analysis provided by Trading Central is an actionable offer with explanations
on the reasoning. So you can spend less time on charts and still keep up to date!


Trading Central offers an indicators pack to integrate with your trading
platform called Alpha Generation. These indicators have a ‘Patent Recognition'
technology, which is based on trade algorithms, constantly
refined for high performance.

With Trading Central’s indicators installed on your platform, you will find
trading opportunities easier and you will make better informed decisions.


See what professionals expect today from markets and get inspired for your
next trading strategy. Analyst View offers directional guidance in real time
based on the analysis from industry experts.

You get several updates everyday for each product, so you can better prepare
your trading strategy. Easily installed on your MetaTrader platform, Analyst
Views offers key indicators to detect crucial turns and twists in the market.

Preferred scenario will tell you the most likely directional outcome with the blue
arrow on your charts. You will notice support levels, pivots and even an
alternative scenario on your chart.

Additionally, you will find comments explaining why and how the Trading
Central team has reached those conclusions so you can better
predict outcomes later on.


Are you using candle sticks for your charts? Then you will love this pattern indicator! It scans markets for 16 patterns on your charts and provides informative comments about them.

This feature will tell you how to interpret the emerging patterns and the most likely outcome during your preferred interval on the chart.

Developed by experts, it also filters out irrelevant data and helps your decision-making process by clearing the path for you.


A powerful tool for short-term traders… Adaptive Divergence Convergence (ADC) labels spot top trading opportunities available.

It suggests market entry points and likely exit levels. You can also check moving averages and notice confirmed trends whether going long or short.

ADC is particularly easy to optimize since it has only one parameter, and thanks to the same reason, it is almost impossible to over-fit.


Trading Central is available for all GKFX customers. You need a Customer Representative’s approval first, depending on your account type and activity.

Simply login to your secure client area, MyGKFX, and select Tools. There you can login to Trading Central page directly and see the feed. You can also check the expert analysis and latest market research provided for you.

TC Alpha Generation Indicators are available to download as plugin and to install it to your MetaTrader platform.